Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough Guide

Easily find all 100 secret hidden packages on city map.
Beat GTA with or without cheats.Do missions with hunter helicopter.

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Items unlocked after finding hidden packages:

Body Armor appears at Hideouts	      find 10 Hidden Packages
Chainsaw at Hideouts	              find 20 Hidden Packages
Python delivered to Hideouts	      find 30 Hidden Packages
Flame-thrower appears at Hideouts     find 40 Hidden Packages
Laser Scope Sniper Rifle at Hideouts  find 50 Hidden Packages
Minigun at Hideouts	              find 60 Hidden Packages
Rocket Launcher at Hideouts	      find 70 Hidden Packages
Sea Sparrow at Vercetti Mansion	      find 80 Hidden Packages
Rhino tank at Military Base	      find 90 Hidden Packages
Hunter helicopter at Military Base    find 100 Hidden Packages

Vice City GTA hidden packages 1-17

  1. Out in the water south of Vice City Ocean Beach on wooden platform.
  2. Out in the water east of wooden platform on rocks.
  3. Back of house on Ocean Beach with heliport by back door steps.
  4. In underground packing lot near Colonel's yacht dock.
  5. On steps of the light house.
Packages 1-5

Packages 6-10

Packages 11-17

TIP Hidden Package 16

Vice City police station.
As soon has you enter a restricted area in the station,
your wanted level will go to 2 stars.
So you don't get busted waiting for the helicopter to get up to take off speed,
park the helicopter across the street on the roof top with stairs.
After your escape find a Star to bring down your wanted level.

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